The Clayesmore Society is dedicated to fostering connections among past, present, and future pupils of Clayesmore School. Serving as the overarching entity, it encompasses several crucial committees, each playing a pivotal role throughout a child's journey at Clayesmore and beyond.

This society offers a plethora of opportunities for both longstanding and new members to engage in various events throughout the year. From Burns Nights to the Summer Ball, Fireworks evenings, concerts, plays, and more, there are ample chances to connect with other parents both past and present, and participate in the school, so you can truly be part of your child's education.

However, the essence of the Clayesmore Society lies in its support for three essential committees: the Prep Parents Association, the Friends of Clayesmore, and the Old Clayesmorian Society. These clubs work tirelessly to support Clayesmore students from their school years into adulthood, ensuring access to modern facilities, social and cultural events, and a myriad of opportunities. They embody the belief that once a Clayesmorian, always a Clayesmorian.

Presently, the Old Clayesmorian Society boasts nearly 4000 members worldwide, including accomplished individuals from various fields. Membership offers access to an exclusive global network, providing avenues for mentorship, career guidance, and social engagement. Past students frequently return to share their experiences with current pupils, fostering a sense of continuity and inspiration.

Membership in the Clayesmore Society isn't just about present enjoyment; it also lays the groundwork for future support, ensuring Clayesmore's enduring success for generations to come. 


The Clayesmore Society

  Events for Clayesmore Society Members. The Clayesmore Society Season consist of a series of super events throughout the school year designed to appeal to all sections of the Society.  

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