Thank you Spinney Trust
Monday, 29 January 2024

My name is Ottie and I left Clayesmore last year (2023) after five years. I feel very lucky as, with the help of the Spinney Trust, I am out in Watamu, Kenya, volunteering at Bluebells School. Bluebells is funded by a company called Bushbells, who sell lovely kikoy products, and was founded by Jax, who lives in Dorset but grew up in Kenya.

Bluebells School has 160 students and is located on a beautiful but small plot with limited resources. Despite this, it is one of the happiest places I have ever seen - the children are enthusiastic, kind, and polite and don’t take their education for granted. 

I have been assisting and teaching classes of various ages (2-13). I have taught PE, Geography, English, etc. However what I love the most about being here is that I have the opportunity to, in a small way, impact positively on the lives of children who don’t have access to the multitude of opportunities that we take for granted in the UK. Honestly, I think I am learning more from the children than they are learning from me! 

I want to say a massive thank you to the Spinney Trust, who provided me with a grant for this volunteer project. It has enabled me to come and help others who are growing up in a different, more challenging environment where many of the things we take for granted are absent. For more information on Bushbells visit