Bristol Drinks
Monday, 22 May 2023

It was wonderful to welcome so many Old Clayesmorians to the Cosy Club in Bristol last week for drinks and a catch up.

Thank you to the Old Clayesmorian Society committee for kindly sponsoring the event. Guests were

Ade Ajidahun (1983)
Nick Obileye (1998 Gate)
Ade Obileye 
James West (2009 Gate)
James Cathro (2016 Devine)
Oliver Dustan (2107 Manor)
Andrew Callaghan (2018 Manor)
Will Bartholomew (2018 Gate)
Russell Yates (2019 Gate)
Tim Hughes (2019 Gate)
Charles Perkins (2018 Manor)
Max Story (2018 Devine)
Finn Dickson (2019 Manor)
Louis James (2019 Gate)
Claire Thomson (2019 King's)
William Coupe (2020 Gate)
Conor Gibb (2020 Manor)
Jess Rimmer (2020 Wolverton)
Emma Scott (2020 Wolverton)