2003 OC Reunion
Tuesday, 25 April 2023

It was wonderful to welcome the 2003 leavers back to Clayesmore last weekend.  Some hadn't been back since they left 20 years ago!  Guests travelled from across the globe and enjoyed a fabulous trip down memory lane with the finest Clayesmore hospitality!  Attendees were:

Ella Braillard
Mike Corica
Laura Day
Alex Eltringham
Joe Fear
Steve Flood
Hamish Gourlay
Rachel Griffin
Will Harding
Charlie Hudson
Luke Hughes
Kim Ibsen
Ben Johnson
Nicholas Kendal
Charles Leggett
Alex Lyon
Peter McNeil
George Megran
Louise Penny
Charlotte Preston
Alex St George
Steph Sadler
Sean Stubbs
Alex Taylorson
Alex Whittle
Luke Witheford