De La Warr Pavilion
Thursday, 9 March 2023

Intrepid OCs Stephen Dover and Hugh Thompson (1960-1964) having last year visited the pubs recommended by Edward Ardizzone (1913-18) decided this year to go and visit the modernist Pavilion at Bexhill on Sea named after OC, Earl de la Warr (1907-13).

So on a cold March day they took the Eastbourne - Hastings train.  Although the art shows were a bit woke for the two traditionalists, the view and the refreshments were of the highest standards.

Hugh Thompson says, ”There is something about resorts out of season which gives them a fresh and lively air. The Pavilion is brilliantly designed and even in the cold an hour spent on its terrace was an out-of-world experience.  One way you can see Hastings the other Beachy Head, in between the odd windsurfer. The history of why this design once so reviled has come to be loved and why the rebel earl who “had the right Clayesmore stuff” chose the radical architects is worth the trip.”

While there they observed the local custom of women of all shapes and sizes running from the Pavilions’ travelling sauna into the cold and hardly welcoming sea.  Stephen Dover said,”Its strange that wild swimming seems more of a female than male activity.  They deserve medals.”