Welcome to the Old Clayesmorian Society Website for the former pupils of Clayesmore School.

The OC Society aims to help members keep in touch with one another, and with the school; and generally to uphold the standing and prestige of Clayesmore.

We are delighted to be in touch with some 2,500 former pupils located right around the world, all of whom receive updates and are welcome to attend all Old Clayesmorian and Clayesmore Society events.

By logging in to the secure area of the site you will be able to update your personal information and search for other OCs. Please tell us about what you have been up to, your accomplishments and let us know how we can better help you keep in touch.

Drummond Cup 2016

Posted September 27th, 2016 10:29

Clayesmore vs Old Clayesmorians: 2 - 3 It was the first year for some time where those playing in the Drummond Cup ...

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London Drinks Party

On October 13th, 2016

We very much hope London-based members will join us for drinks and canapés at the Mayfair offices of Killik & Co, 46 ...

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27 Sep | We saw a particularly competitive Drummond Cup this year https://t.co/r2a5jjLvjl https://t.co/0bdCspLOq0
22 Sep | Alumni doing well... https://t.co/zgpgLGi14c https://t.co/16P0NIpqL9
22 Sep | Alumni doing very well... https://t.co/JEVoWKTMwB https://t.co/WQ8iQTIVnS
21 Sep | Work has begun on this year's #oldclayesmorian - don't forget to send your news to us - society@clayesmore.com
19 Sep | Some photos of our Late Summer Party are now in the gallery https://t.co/Z5mCUGauZf https://t.co/eLeQP3D73k
12 Sep | We really enjoyed seeing you all at our late summer party last Saturday evening... https://t.co/fzmX39grGO https://t.co/QKSKWzW2Jm
11 Sep | RT @Clayesmore: Today's hockey match against the OC team is very closely fought so far... https://t.co/NOAXT3cpEo
09 Sep | It's the launch of the Clayesmore Season tomorrow night: drinks, canapés & fireworks. Here's to a splendid 2016-17! https://t.co/HxkNRY39BO
09 Sep | It's the launch of the Clayesmore Season tomorrow: drinks, canapés, https://t.co/HE2him7szw's to a splendid 2016-17! https://t.co/uaZ8rVLIqA
08 Sep | We remember an OC who died on this day in 1916 - George MacKelvey Morris, from wounds received in battle on 30 July https://t.co/PkUeCPY4na
05 Sep | Last call for players for this weekend's OC fixtures against the school - please get in touch if you'd like to play Football or Hockey
29 Aug | A centenary ago today OC Jacob Hardy Smith died of his wounds following a shell attack - #wewillrememberthem https://t.co/ahhFPFpt67
27 Aug | RT @Clayesmore: Old Clayesmorian scoops prize! https://t.co/TbsfB4cwZu https://t.co/1gZO4qvyR5
26 Aug | Old Clayesmorian scoops prize! https://t.co/2nmnGd3spe https://t.co/BhmRzqSnJH
25 Aug | Congratulations to all! https://t.co/BRTDNadwcN
17 Aug | Wishing the very best of luck to all OCs receiving #examresults tomorrow
11 Aug | RT @CenBucksStudies: Opening page of the handbook for the 1908 #Olympics in London, edited by the headmaster of @Clayesmore https://t.co/5k…
02 Aug | Remembering OC Lyonel Latimer Clark - killed on this day in 1916 while flying over enemy lines https://t.co/pWlv18CGZv
19 Jul | RT @ClayesmoreBoysG: Awesome! Lewis McManus @Lex_Devine_1896 @Clayesmore @ClayesCricket. Maiden first class century to celebrate. https://t…